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Sheaffer Intensity Onyx Chrome Plate Rollerball Pen
Sheaffer Intensity Onyx Chrome Plate Rollerball Pen
Sheaffer Intensity Onyx Chrome Plate Rollerball Pen

Sheaffer Intensity Onyx Chrome Plate Rollerball Pen

(Product Ref: E1923551)


Sheaffer Intensity Onyx Chrome Plate Rollerball Pen

About the Finish
Onyx finish featuring chrome plate appointments

About the Tip
Streamlined, thin cylinder profile
Slim Rollerball Refill, (97535)

Width: 0.44 inches / 11.2 mm
Length: 5.4 inches / 137 mm

All Sheaffer Intensity Pens come with a Limited 3 Year Warranty.

The Sheaffer Intensity Roller Ball Pen in Onyx is presented in a Luxury Gift box.

About Sheaffer Intensity Pens
Sheaffer Intensity.....Passion and power personified.
This addition to the Sheaffer portfolio is the perfect choice, its clean unwavering lines are sleek and streamlined, it embodies both balance and comfort to offer an extreme writing pleasure to today's professional.
This stylish writing instrument features a smooth twist-action mechanism to retract the ballpoint and carries the renowned Sheaffer® White Dot of quality and prestige.

About Sheaffer Pens
In 1912 Walter A. Sheaffer of Fort Madison, Iowa takes his idea of a pen filling system that uses a lever and founds the W. A. Sheaffer Pen company from a cramped back room of jewellery shop.

By the 1930's Sheaffer Pens had become a leader in the luxury pen market. Sheaffer Pens, with their original lever-filler mechanism were being advertised as a pen that "fills instantly from any ink-well, with one touch of a finger. Cleans automatically when filling." This design was in use until the end of the 1940's

In 1949 Sheaffer pen developed the touchdown pneumatic-filling mechanism for their top pens. A development of the Touchdown design was the Sheaffer Snorkel, which added a small extendable tube underneath the nib to avoid the need to dip the nib into the ink when operating the filler plunger.
After 1959 most Sheaffer pens were designed to accept either ink cartridges or an ink converter to allow the use of bottled ink.

Since then the Sheaffer Pen brand has been synonymous with quality, innovation, and craftsmanship. Today Sheaffer Pens forge ahead with the same commitment to excellence. Sheaffer Pen Collection offers a wide selection of contemporary designs, innovative products and classic finishes created to meet the individual tastes of today's fine writing consumers. For almost 100 years, Sheaffer Pens have been focused on providing products that satisfy consumer needs while exceeding their expectations. Today the brand continues to be defined by the quality of its products and is identifiable by its famous White Dot collection.

A Sheaffer Pen is more than just a writing instrument. It is an integral part of your lifestyle and heritage. Over the years, Sheaffer Pens have been a focal point of many a momentous occasion, often leaving an indelible impression on the lives of their customers.