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Fisher Space Pen Telescoping
Fisher Space Pen Telescoping
Fisher Space Pen Telescoping
Fisher Space Pen Telescoping
Fisher Space Pen Telescoping

Fisher Space Pen Telescoping

(Product Ref: TLP)


Fisher Space Pen Telescoping

About the Finish
Smooth matt aluminium.

About the Pen
Contains SPR4 Medium black pressurised refill in pen.
Pull to extract the nib and push back to retract the nib.

Length: 120mm Open 99mm Closed

All Telescoping Fisher Space Pens come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee.

The Fisher Space Pen Telescoping is presented in a gift box.

About Fisher Telescoping Space Pens
The Telescopic Fisher Space Pen features solid aluminium construction and a unique retraction mechanism. Pulling on the end of the pen exposes the ballpoint tip and creates a full length writing instrument. It has no cap, you simply pull the tip to extend the refill and push it in to withdraw the refill. Easy to use one handed to retract and put in your pocket.

About Fisher Space Pens
The Fisher Pen refills were developed by Paul Fisher just after WWII due to the ball point refills of the time being leaky and unreliable. He then went on to develop his own range of pens.
Paul Fisher had a mission in mind for his pen - he introduced his new unique pen cartridge to NASA! The Fisher Pen underwent extensive testing and was subsequently approved for a trial mission in outer space. In 1968 the Fisher Space Pen was whole-heartedly approved and ordered for use by astronauts on ALL MISSIONS IN OUTER SPACE.

The Fisher Space Pen is still used today on all manned space flights.

About Fisher Space Pen Refills
Fisher Space Pen's Sealed Pressurised Ink Cartridge Performs in temperatures from -34ºc to +120ºc, underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle even upside down! The ultimate in dependability! The choice of astronauts, ski patrols, search and rescue teams, law enforcement agencies, armed forces, and everyone who demands reliability in a writing instrument.

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