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Montegrappa pen

Montegrappa, the first Italian manufacturer of writing instruments, opened in Bassano doe Grappa in 1912. Nearly a century of superb craftmanship has passed for this Italian pen brand known around the world for its Italian creativity and Style.

Starting in the late thirties, the modern fountain pen became more than just a writing instrument and was transformed into an accessory that made a fashion statement. Thanks to the wide variety of colours, tasteful design , and special jeweler's techniques Montegrappa became a recognised symbol of excellence. Although shapes and materials may change, all Montagrappa pens possess distinctive features: the octagonal shape, the rotating sphere on the end of the clip, and precious materials such as gold, silver, and celluloid and are the unique elements that have made history.

The Montegrappa range composes of glamorous, beautifully designed pens that make the daily task of writing much more enjoyable.

Montegrappa Extra 1930 Pen
Inspired by a model from the thirties, Extra 1930 was designed for people who love classic design and original colours. The Extra 1930 uses sterling silver on quality celluloid. Available in fountain and roller ball pens.

Montegrappa Espressione Pen
Espressione, in perfect Italian spirit and style, combines minimalist design with fine materials: Mother of pearl resin and sterling silver. Available in fountain, ball point and roller ball pen.

Montegrappa NeroUno Linea Pen
Montegrappa has expanded its NeroUno collection and added NeroUno Linea, a version with even more modern details that give it a distinctive look and epitomize the essence of true style. Available in fountain, ball point and roller ball pens.

Montegrappa NeroUno Pen
The elegance of NeroUno lies in its minimalist simplicity, while the details echo the typical features of Montegrappa Pens in a modern key. Available in Fountain, ball point and rollerball.

Montegrappa Parola Pen
Resin Pen available in 6 colours. Comes in ball point, fountain pen and rollerball.